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we are one!
we are the exo fandom!

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favourite photoshoot for skychr

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Bap arriving in America

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Red Light City - Chapter 8: Triggers


Continuation of: Slippery When Wet (M)

Chae walked into Se7en Heavens and went straight for the 7th floor, ready to get to work and for a moment forget about all the pain.

Ever since her night with Simon she hadn’t stopped thinking about her past. The image of her father came to her every time she closed her eyes, and she hated it. She despised him, hated him for everything he did to her and for creating the cold-hearted woman she was today.

She was about to walk into her room when she was stopped by one of the new girls. 

"Hey, we haven’t officially met so i just wanted to introduce myself." She said with a smile and extended her hand for Chae to grab. "I’m Jiyeon."

Chae just looked at her, the look of detest in her eyes.

Jiyeon slowly took back her hand and smiled softly. “Okay…um, i know you are the best in the business and, wanted to know if you could give me some advice? You know, being the new girl and everything.”

Chae looked at her up and down and brought her bag to her shoulder. “You need to put more makeup on. They don’t pay to see what they have at home.” 

Chae walked off and entered her room, leaving the new girl speechless.

She didn’t have many friends. Everyone thought she was bitch and in reality she was. She liked it that way. She didn’t like anyone getting too close. Letting people in, letting your guard down, allowing yourself to trust people…was a weakness to her. Everyone in the end leaves. Everyone hurts you, so no one can be trusted. She embedded that in her brain since she was a young girl.

She sat down in front of her makeup vanity and started to get ready. As she looked at herself in the mirror the memories she hid suddenly came to her mind.

The sound echoing across the room as her father’s hand went flat across her face.

Her mother in the corner sobbing hysterically as she downed vodka down her throat.

Hong-jun wrapping his arms around her to soothe her only to take advantage of the vulnerable state she was in.

Sex is love, that’s what he taught her.

She stared at her reflection in disgust. She didn’t like thinking of those memories, the memories she liked hiding in the dark corners of her mind to never to be remembered.

She was a stupid girl then, naive, thinking she could trust them and depend on them. Who would have thought that the two people who brought her into this world, who were suppose to shield her from evil and protect her, could shatter her sanity and scar her for the rest of her life. To think that the man she loved and came to for protection emotionally abused her as well.

Hide her weakness and bury her truth. No more letting people in. No more depending on anyone. No more trusting anyone and their lies. 

She looked at her now makeuped face and started styling her hair. Black waves caressed the frame of her face when she heard a heavy knock on the door. 

"Come in," she said, knowing he would open it anyway.

Daniel opened the door and walked into her room. He placed his hands on the back of her chair and stared at her through the mirror. She took a moment to admire the beauty of his face. He really was a good looking guy and Chae often wondered what made him go into this profession, instead of something more rewarding like modeling or acting.

"You look beautiful." He said with a smile that only meant he wanted something.

She snorted and got up from her chair, “Don’t flatter me with sweet words.” She said as she walked into her closet, looking for something to wear for her first client."You know that doesn’t work on me."

He chuckled, “Sorry, i forget sometimes your not the good girl i remember.”

Chae clinched her teeth at his comment. She hadn’t been that good girl in a long time, and thinking about that time of of her life left an unsettling feeling in her stomach.

"Yeah well, people change." She said as she continued to look through her closet.

She heard his heavy steps walk closer to her and saw him lean against the door frame of her closet. 

"You need to wear your pirate outfit tonight." He said to her with his arms crossed.

"You don’t tell me what to wear." She said as she picked out an outfit from the rack.

"I canceled all your clients tonight. I need you to work the "Buried Treasure" show."

She angrily threw the outfit aside. She was still upset at him for dragging her into his dirty business and now he was controlling her at work to. It really was starting to feel like she had sold her soul to the devil. "First you tell me what i can and cannot wear, then you cancel all my clients and now you’re tell me I’m going to do this damn show! Don’t i have a say in —"

She was suddenly pushed against the wall, pain running down her back. For a second she felt like a young girl again and Daniel’s face turned into her father’s. She got a sudden remembrance of what it felt like to have a hand tighten around her windpipe.

"You do what i say remember! You work for me, not the other way around! And if i say you’re working the show, you’re working the show! Is that understood?!" He yelled with his finger in her face. 

Chae felt her breath quicken and nodded, "Yes." She said with a shaky voice.

He let go of her and then walked back into her room and paced off his anger. 

Chae had never seen him so angry and made a note never to make him like that again. She would do anything to never have any sort of similar experience that would make her remember her father.

"Why can’t you just be the good girl i once knew?" He said as he shook his head.

Chae knew the answer but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him. Once a good girl’s gone bad,  she’s gone forever.

He took a deep breath and rolled up his sleeves. "Tonight’s the night. It’s time for you to do your part of the deal." He made his way to the door and then stopped, turning his head towards her but never looking up at her. "When i found you under that bridge i gave you a home and food in your belly. Not once did i make you do anything you didn’t want to. The life you live now, you choose to pursue." He paused. ”I didn’t want to put you in this situation, but you’re the only person i trust enough to ask for help. I once helped you, now i need you to help me. Remember that next time you think I’m some asshole.” He said and left the room without another word.



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Guess who’s going to B.A.P’s Concert in Chicago on the 19? This girl!!!!
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the only proper reaction upon seeing something like this.

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he is one strange child

Generation gap

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Hey guys! Sorry for not having updated any new scenarios or really actively managed my tumblr either. Work really has most of my time and i’m going through a hard time with personal things that i don’t really have the time, desire or motivation to really update anything. I do miss you guys and your love and support and really miss writing. I hope that soon i will get out of my slump and pick up writing again. I’m hoping something kicks some inspiration in me because i really don’t wanna take a year to complete a series the way i did with WWMTL & INFTW. I can promise you that i definitely won’t let that happen again. As for Tumblr i most likely won’t be on here much at all so i might just post all upcoming scenarios on AFF. So if you come on my blog in the future and still see no recent posts check there and see if i’ve updated anything. Again i really apologize for the lack of activity. 

Here’s my AFF for those who don’t know it.


Love you guys,


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mblaq "우리사이" teaser (x)
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